Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slope Book Project

My students have a project due every grading period. For us, this means every six weeks. They range in difficulty and almost always involve something we're working on. I'll share more on all of the projects, eventually.

The first project is always My Math Future. Generally they have to pick a career and figure out how math is used, among other things.

This year, their second project was split into two parts. Some students were still really struggling with solving equations, so their project was really just redoing a quiz and making up a few of their own equations that all had the same solution. The other kids were struggling with properties, so they had to complete a few equations that included naming the properties that justified the steps and then drawing/diagraming/whatevering three properties. I got some super creative answers with that and I loved it.

Later we will do a Pi Day project where they have to write a nonsense story, following the pattern in Pi: 3 words, 1 word, 4 words, etc...

What I'm sharing with you today is the project on slope. I stole this am using an existing wheel template idea from Math Tales from the Spring.

The idea is they create a book about slope: what it is, what it means to them, what the types of slope look like, how to find it, etc. They need to have 10 pictures of various slopes and a description to go with each. They also need a front and back cover and an introduction page that describes slope in words. It could be a paperback book or digital.

Here is an example I made for them. I can't wait to have some student examples to share!

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