Saturday, March 10, 2012

VCTM Trig Manipulatives Presentation

Thank you to all of you who attended our presentation at the VCTM Shoot For the Stars! Conference in Roanoke, VA. We wanted to open up a blog post so you all can share your experiences using these manipulatives in the classroom! Please let us know what successes you have as well as what didn't quite work. Let's keep developing these pieces and getting them into the hands of trig teachers!

Here's a link to the original Trig Identities Website (which we made in college so please excuse the simplicity of it), which includes the YouTube how-to videos. Enjoy!


  1. When I went to the site
    the two pdf file templates link did not work. Do you have them available to send to me? I am working on a lesson plan and would like to use them as the manipulative. I think that it will halp the students to understand the identities.

    1. Sure give me your email address and I will gladly send the templates to you.

    2. Could you please also send me a copy of the templates??

      Molly McKee

    3. may you give me also a copy of the template i need it badly please... my email is

  2. Thank you, my email address is

  3. I would also appreciate a copy of the templates. I plan to use them for the first time in class this year, and my identities unit is fast approaching.

    My email address is